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COMPLETE CARE DESERVES COMPLETE COMMUNICATIONS Assisted Living Facilities Find Comfort in net2phone

Provide better communication between residents and their loved ones. Easily provide quick doctor check-ups with our state-of-the-art video conferencing system. Keep personal care assistants, and residents connected at all times with net2phone.

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Here’s how net2phone can improve customer communication at your Assisted Living business

Huddle+mobile messaging

Increase Safety For Residents

Give your technicians the ability to communicate on the go, by voice or text, over different devices. net2phone keeps everyone connected through our business phone system so your team can be as efficient as possible.


Avoid Emergencies: Keep personal care assistants and residents connected at all times via chat, text, or calling. Use the net2phone mobile app to ensure your staff is always available in case of an emergency. Available on Apple iOS and Android


Doctor Check-Ups: Allow for quick and easy virtual doctor visits through net2phone Huddle, our video communication platform. Provide the best of care to your residents made easier by our state-of-the-art intuitive platform.

Improve Resident and Family Communication

Help keep your residents connected to family and friends through chat, text, and video conferencing with net2phone's unified communications.



Family Communication: Provide virtual face-to-face interaction for your residents and their loved ones through Huddle, our safe and secure video conferencing platform. Available on both iOS and Android.


International Calling: Easily help to keep your residents connected to family and friends from all around the globe with net2phone's free international calling to over 40 countries.

Assisted living

Easy Cost-effective Solution

net2phone provides easy installation for a feature enrich, cost-effective, customer communication solution.


Phone Solutions for Low Usage Rooms: Share lines among rooms with lower usage to reduce costs. Phones and lines can be added as needed so you can enjoy the flexibility of scaling to your facility’s usage.


Plug and Play: Get your net2phone system set up in no time with our easy phone installation. Customize your Assisted Living Facility phone system, with custom ring groups, schedules, welcome menu's, and more. Need additional training for your staff? No problem, net2phone offers plenty of webinars, user tutorial videos, and more.

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Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive communications solution

FREE state of the art desk phones - with no capex

Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics

FREE calling to over 40 countries