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Release Notes:

Below you will find our net2phone release notes that will keep you and your team updated on new products and improvements we’ve made, so you can stay current with what’s new in net2phone.

blast off 2

October 30th, 2020

Huddle Lobby Preview Screen

This new Huddle Lobby preview screen allows users to preview their camera before entering into a Huddle meeting. Users can also choose to adjust the microphone and camera settings by turning their sound off mute and or by turning their camera on prior to the meeting.

pre-join screen - huddle (1)

October 29th, 2020

eFax Encryption

encrypted efax

Encrypted eFax enables inbound/outbound faxes to be encrypted to/from our server. eFax Encryption is encrypted directly at the number source, so rest assured that all inbound and outbound eFaxes will be properly encrypted for you and your clients' protection. This net2phone eFax encryption option provides an additional layer of security for fax communications by concealing personal and private information.

October 19th, 2020

Bulk Download Call Recordings & Voicemails

Now you have to ability to download all of your call recordings and voicemails in bulk within the Call History tab of your net2phone account! Simply hit the select button, then select the number of recordings or voicemails you want to download, and then click the download button.


bulk download

Once your downloads are complete, you will receive an email with all of your requested recordings.


download ready email2

Call History Filtering Options

You can now filter your calls by time zone, time, type of call, and department. Looking to locate a specific call? No problem- this filter will help you find exactly what you are looking for in a more efficient way.

with drop down

New Incoming Call Prompt

We have updated the incoming call prompt, and it no longer takes over the entire screen when a call comes in. We redesigned things with a cleaner look that provides helpful information without taking up any unnecessary screen real estate.


call prompt

Call History Refresh

We have added a new Refresh button to the top of your Call History screen so you can quickly and easily refresh the page to keep your call reports updated with the latest calls, voicemails, and recordings.


refresh option

October 8th, 2020

The net2phone CallMe Feature

Get the most out of your Business Phone System with the net2phone CallMe feature. Give your customers the ability to text you and receive a callback when an agent is available to assist. It's as simple as:


  1. Customer texts your teams to request a callback rather than waiting on hold.
  2. A Callback request goes into the queue until it reaches an available agent.
  3. When an agent becomes available a callback is made to the requesting customer.


CallMe Page Image2

September 28th, 2020

The net2phone Business Phone Systems Zoho Integration

With the net2phone Zoho integration, experience seamless click-to-calls, log calls automatically, write notes directly into the in-call prompt, and much more all while staying connected in Zoho-- a complete unified communication toolset.


business phone systems integration with Zoho

Click below to watch a short video on integrating your Zoho Account with net2phone: 


August 27th, 2020

User Voicemail-To-Email Controls

Now you have the ability to control the content that is coming into your email from the audio or transcription. Choose if you would like to include audio file attachments, audio transcriptions, and or additional caller details within your voicemail to email notifications.


Now all call recordings are encrypted for an extra layer of protection.

vm to email

Complete Admin Control 

Admins can choose if they would like to enable or disable these voicemail-to-email notifications for all team members. They also have the ability to restrict team members from being able to make changes to these settings. These new settings can help make sure you and your team are protecting your customers' personal information.



August 24th, 2020

net2phone Huddle for Microsoft Calendar

Huddle is now fully compatible with Microsoft Calendar. Seamlessly connect your Microsoft Calendar from the settings section of your net2phone Huddle account

Simply sign in with your Microsoft credentials and then give net2phone Huddle permission to access your profile and calendar.


"Your Meetings" 

Under the "Your Meetings" section of your Huddle Lobby, you will be able to view all of your recurring Huddle video meetings. Click to add new meetings with the plus button and stay organized within your Huddle Lobby.


Huddle for MS Calendar

July 1st, 2020

Complete Integration of Google Calendar within the net2phone Huddle Lobby

Huddle is now further integrated within Google calendars. Now you will be able to see ALL of your scheduled meetings on, not just the ones you created and not just the ones with a Huddle link, but ALL of your calendar meetings. We have the addition of two additional tabs, "Scheduled Meetings" and "Your Meetings." For a video tutorial on linking your Google Calendar to your net2phone Huddle Lobby please click here.


"Scheduled Meetings"

Now you can see all of your scheduled meets within your Huddle Lobby. This means you will be able to see both meetings have been scheduled with net2phone Huddle and also meetings that have been scheduled using an alternative video conferencing platform! This new feature will help you stay on top of all your appointments, so you are sure not to miss any meetings.



1440 - scheduled meetings

"Your Meetings" 

Under the "Your Meetings" section of your Huddle Lobby, you will be able to view all of your recurring Huddle video meetings. Click to add new meetings with the plus button and stay organized within your Huddle Lobby.


1440 - your meetings 1

June 18th, 2020

Improved Screen Sharing Within Huddle

Our team has improved the quality of screen sharing within your Huddle video conferences. The overall performance has been improved to enhance your video conferencing experience.


screen sharing

Advanced Language Translations

Huddle is now completely compatible in both Spanish and Portuguese, by having full translations in both languages throughout Huddle.

Improved Dial-ins

You can now dial-in directly via your Huddle phone app and wait till someone else join via web/ app or phone.

June 8th, 2020

Huddle for Google Calendar

net2phone is excited to announce: net2phone Huddle for Google Calendar integration. Now you can schedule your Huddle video meetings using your Google Calendar for seamless video conference scheduling.


Click below for a short video on how you can integrate your Google Calendar with net2phone Huddle:


Message Improvements

New browser notifications are provided for all claimed and unclaimed messages.

May 11th, 2020

Call History: CSV Download Enhancements

Now when you download the CSV from your Call History section, you will see additional caller information provided. New call intel on where calls are filtering from, whether it be, Welcome Menus, Ring Groups, and Departments are all now included in the downloadable form.


Call History_RN