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As a business, you can't improve what you can't measure. Our Analytics provides you with rich performance-based data to help you maximize efficiency. Identify trends, analyze activity, to get more out of your business phone system by monitoring call data.


Call Trend Analysis


Dashboard: Maximize your business phone system with net2phone’s analytics dashboard. View all company calls within one location and easily monitor call data based on date, time, and duration. For additional information check out our Analytics user help video.

Intuitive Panel

Identify Trends: Track the pattern of inbound, outbound, and missed calls during specific days and times. Use this data to identify the high and low call volume periods so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Performance Management


Track Performance: View individualized data for all team members and departments. Oversee company performance by tracking call duration, answered, and missed calls all within your dashboard. Use these reports to find out where your company excels and or needs improvement.



Statistics: Quickly view and gain knowledge on stats behind all calls and company performance. Gain insight into specific departments, team members, ring groups, and welcome menus all in real-time.


Target Marketing


Call Origin & Volume: Identify where traffic, sales, and leads are coming from by analyzing call volume within specific regions. Use this intel to generate target marketing campaigns.



Land Leads: Capture more business and land more leads with the net2phone analytics reports. Easily pinpoint high traffic areas and use this information to help close deals. 

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