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KEY FEATURES Company Directory

With net2phones Company Directory feature, your callers will easily have the ability to get connected to the proper Team Member without the use of extensions.

Company Directory

Manage Call Flow

Intuitive Panel

Efficiency: Allow customers to efficiently get connected to the right team member by using the company directory feature. For a video tutorial on this feature please click to view the Company Directory User Video


Organization: Admins have the option of publishing the company directory by first or last name. Choose to use our automated default greeting option or upload your own personalized recording of your Company Directory list.

Company Productivity


Accessibility: This option allows callers to be connected to the correct individual by simply knowing their name. With Company Directory, callers do not need to know extension numbers to be connected.


Convenience: This option provides less wait time for your customers and will in turn provide faster and more convenient customer care. 

Welcome Menu Directory



Menu Options: Customize your Welcome Menus by adding a Company Directory option. Callers will hear this prompt option upon the initial greeting so they can quickly be connected to the correct team member.


User Ability: By default all users have the company directory enabled on their account.  Control this option at your own preference by turning on or off depending on what works best for you and your team.

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