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KEY FEATURES Mobile Business Phone System Apps

Work from anywhere at any time with the net2phone mobile app. Make and receive calls and text messages from your business phone number with our web-based phone service! Quickly access your business voicemails and dial extension to extension just as you would in the office. Available on both Apple iOS and Android.


Stay Connected On The Go


Calling, Text & Voicemail: Easily make and receive calls and texts using multiple numbers - such as your company, your department number, or your personal business number. Quickly access your business voicemails by using our voicemail to email option, which makes it easy to follow-up on new leads and customer inquiries on the go.

Phone Dial

Extension Dialing: Our web-based phone service allows you to dial extension-to-extension and transfer calls to departments or team members just as you would in the office.


Live Chat: Keep the conversation going with our live chat feature. Transfer web chats over to your mobile device or answer live messages while out and about. Live Chat makes it easy to answer queries from potential consumers immediately.


User & Admin Portal: Remotely access your portal to manage and update your account and team with complete control at your fingertips. Take your work anywhere!

Expand Productivity


On the Go: In the office, on the go, anytime, anywhere! Expand company productivity by being able to work from anywhere with net2phone's mobile business phone system app.


Global Access: Our net2phone app allows you to make calls to 40+ countries from the palm of your hand, for free, which means you can truly take your company global!


Quality & Convenience: net2phone has made conducting business extremely convenient by allowing your company to be mobile. This, in turn, will enable you and your team to increase the quality of customer care.




Accessibility: Being accessible allows your customers to trust and rely on your company. Building this brand loyalty helps to create repeat customers.  By providing quick response time to your customers, you are increasing the quality of your support.

Piggy Bank

Savings: Save time and money by communicating with your colleagues and customers in the office or on the go all from your cellular device!


Increase Sales: Being able to respond quickly to a new lead significantly improves the odds of turning that lead into a customer. Moreover, an engaged patron is more likely to become a repeat customer.

Switch and save with net2phone!

  • Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive unified communications solution
  • FREE state of art desk phones - with no capex
  • Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics
  • FREE calling to over 40 countries