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A Ring Group is a way to share the distribution of incoming calls among employees. Manage your company inbound call flow with net2phone by adding customized Ring Groups.

Ring Group Tiers

Full Admin Control


Custom Ring Groups: Share incoming calls among employees with net2phone’s Ring Group option. Create a custom company call flow by routing calls to a specific team member, department, or welcome menu.


Call Tiers: Create multi-dimensional company tiers within Ring Groups to let the phone system know how you would like your phones to ring. Choose if you would like the phones within each Ring Group to ring simultaneously or one by one.  Ring Groups with tiers can hold multiple destinations, such as team members, departments, or welcome menus. 

Custom Scheduling

Time Savings

Scheduling Options: Create custom open and closed office hours by day of the week or specified calendar dates. Build your Holiday Schedule in advance for the year and update hours of operation upon emergency office closings.

SIP Trunking

Call Queues: Use call queues with your Ring Groups to place callers in line until the next available agent can assist. This feature is convenient as it lets callers know someone will be with them momentarily and it helps to keep your inbound call flow organized. 

Ring Groups_ add ring group 14 - new schedule
Welcome Menus

Additional Features


Ring Group Messaging: Send SMS messages to a specified Ring Group so all team members can view the same message. These messages can also be sent a single team member of a Ring Group, a specific number, or welcome menu.


Welcome Menu: Set up Welcome Menus that route through Ring Groups to make inbound calling efficient. Providing these options for callers will result in a smoother call flow.

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