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KEY FEATURES Voicemail Options

Download and save important messages with our downloading option or use our voicemail-to-email feature to transcribe all voice messages to text. 

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Transcription: Never check your voicemail again! net2phone provides a voicemail-to-email option where your voice messages are converted into text, then sent via email.


Audio Message: In addition to the email transcription you will also receive an audio recording of all voicemails to your email should you choose.

Download and Save


Customer Success: Make sure to not miss any customer details with all of your saved voicemail within your portal. 


Voicemail Download: Download and save your voicemails for training or assistance.


Switch and save with net2phone!

  • Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive unified communications solution
  • FREE state of art desk phones - with no capex
  • Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics
  • FREE calling to over 40 countries