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SECURITY FOR YOUR PATIENTS Healthcare Providers Trust net2phone

By participating in the HIPAA Compliance program, net2phone is able to sign HIPAA business associate agreements and provide services to customers that are governed by HIPAA.


Healthcare Providers Trust net2phone’s Reliable UC Solutions


HIPAA Compatibility

net2phone is able to sign HIPAA business associate agreements (BAA) for healthcare and medical providers that are governed by HIPAA.


Call Recording: Capture crucial information through call recording and reference it at any time. Our HIPAA Compliance program is designed to protect your personal health information.


Voicemail & VM Transcriptions: Have the security of knowing that your voicemail messages and transcriptions are protected with this important HIPAA eligible service.

Secure UCaaS Solutions

As experts in unified communication, we recognize the importance of data security and are proud to be identified as a reliable partner of healthcare providers. 


Video Conferencing:  We keep your doctor/patient conversations secure with our encrypted video conferencing platform, Huddle. With additional password protection and secure user data, we pride ourselves on having a grade-A from SSL Labs. 

Encrypted Virtual Fax: Keep patient information confidential with our inbound and outbound virtual fax that conceals personal and private information.


Security Protocol

In addition to the security protocols we have in place, HIPAA requires us to do the following:

  • Ensure that we have on record policies on the handling of the information deemed to be sensitive.
  • Sign the business associate agreement (BAA) in addition to a contract to ensure compliance and protect our clients.
  • Conduct HIPAA training for our staff.

Top Names in Healthcare Trust net2phone

Siperstein Dermatology feature image
Siperstein Dermatology Group is a multi-provider practice serving Southern Palm Beach County, specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology.
net2phone satisfied all the criteria the Siperstein Dermatology Group found crucial: Excellent local support, a dedicated account manager, an easy-to-read bill, and competitive pricing.
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