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Better Conversations. Better Service. Hospitality Businesses Choose net2phone's Web-based Phone Service

net2phone helps keep your concierge, staff, and customers connected at all times. With our feature-rich platform, your business phone number can be used on any device, making it easy to provide stellar customer service for an industry that specializes in just that.

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Here’s How net2phone Can Elevate Customer Communication In Your Hospitality Business


Provide Stellar Customer Service

Accessibility anywhere increased the quality of customer communication and care.

Dedicated Team

Welcome Menus: Create customized welcome menus to greet each guest. Utilize our ring group options within each greeting to help get your guest connected with the front desk, concierge, restaurant, room service, and more.


Call Queues: Help provide a better experience for your patrons' through our web-based phone system, by acknowledging each caller without having to answer the phone right away.

Business Messaging: Multitasking made easy. Juggle working with patrons in real-time and still being able to messages from other customers via live chat or text messaging.  Allow your workspace to always be at your fingertips with our net2phone app for iPhone and Android

Cost-Effective and Feature-Rich Solution

net2phone provides competitive pricing for a web-based phone system that is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality.


All-inclusive Solution: Gain access to many features that are included in the net2phone service such as; call recording, API integrations, 24/7 support, robust analytics, voicemail-to-email, and many others that are perfect for when dealing with the ins and outs of running a hotel.

Global Reach: net2phone includes unlimited international calling to over 40 countries. Give your hotel a leg up above the competition by having a strong global presence.


Customization: net2phone offers cost-effective, customized solutions for low usage rooms. This is the perfect solution for a hotel room phone that only needs the most basic of functions. Unlike many of our competitors, we even offer SIP Trunking for hosted PBX.


Expand With Target Marketing

Use our advanced features to capture more business by identifying traffic, sales, and leads. 

SIP Trunking

Call Reports: See where most of your clientele is coming from by identity traffic and analyzing call volume within specific regions. Use this intel to generate target marketing campaigns.


Scalability: Adding a new location and expanding your hospitality business? net2phone is here for you with our web-based phone service, when you are ready to grow your business.

Top Names in Hospitality Business Trust net2phone


Missouri-based hotel group and family business that owns and operates 5 hotels

Tired of high phone bills and service headaches, Skoglund Hotel Group turned to net2phone to deliver a phone solution that would increase functionality using its existing infrastructure.

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Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive communications solution

FREE state of the art desk phones - with no capex

Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics

FREE calling to over 40 countries