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FOCUS ON YOUR CASES. NOT YOUR PHONE SYSTEM. net2phone Delivers Virtual PBX for Law Offices

When dealing with urgent cases and tight deadlines, law offices need a business phone system they can trust. From our call recording option to our mobile app, net2phone is one of the go-to virtual PBX providers to law offices around the globe.


Elevate Your Bussiness With net2phone's Unified Communications For Your Law Office


Client Accessibility On The Go

Enhance communication between lawyers and clients with helpful business phone system features that keep you informed and connected on the go.


Mobility: Communicate with your clients from anywhere using the net2phone mobile app. Create an extension of your law office by receiving calls, managing texts, and transferring clients. Available on both iPhone and Android


Admin Portal: This self-service online portal enables you to respond to changes in your practice and make updates quickly and easily 24/7. Manage your net2phone portal in real-time from anywhere.


Voicemail Transcriptions: Have your voicemails converted to text and sent to you via email or text message, giving you the flexibility to check your messages from clients or colleagues quickly and privately.

Capture Crucial Details

Improve your customer communication with net2phone's business phone system. Coach your team more effectively and capture customer details you might have missed during a call with our call recording option.


Call Recording: Ensure that all crucial details are captured from each call. Keep all essential calls stored within your portal and use relevant recordings in court to help improve your case.

Company Protection: Protect your business by making sure company standards are being upheld. Resolve customer disputes and avoid negative legal situations with this call recording feature.

Training Purposes: Help new lawyers at the law firm get up to speed with the use of call recordings for training purposes.


Office Efficiency

Stay organized and manage call flows with net2phone's feature-rich business phone system. From call history to company directly to welcome menus, net2phone helps you stay on top of it all.


Billing Made Easy: Use our net2phone call history to track calls and conversations with clients to ensure you and your team are properly billing.


Company Directory:  Use the Company Directory feature to get your clients quickly connected to the correct member of your firm.


Custom Greetings: Allow each individual lawyer at your firm to have a custom recording for their own business number.

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