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Promotional Spiff Terms

Except as otherwise modified by these terms, the terms and conditions set forth in the Master Independent Sales Agreement or Independent Sales Agreement between you and Net2Phone Global Services, LLC (“Net2Phone”) continue to apply. Call path channels and call path seats are expressly excluded from this promotional offer, but are eligible for the regular SPIFF and residual commission in your agreement. Equipment is not eligible for any promotional SPIFF, regular SPIFF, or residual commission. Orders must include a 36-month commitment to qualify for this promotion. For orders that are marked up, the SPIFF will be paid on the non-marked up sale price of the seats/fax lines, as applicable (no SPIFFs will be paid on the marked up amount). The promotional SPIFF will not be paid until the customer completes its first billing cycle, which must fall within 90 days from when the order is placed. If the first billing cycle does not fall within 90 days from when the order is placed, the promotional SPIFF is no longer valid. If the first billing cycle falls within 90 days from when the order is placed then the promotional SPIFF will be paid in accordance with the payment schedule in your agreement. This promotional offer is valid only on eligible full priced (non-discounted) items on initial orders for new customers (subsequent orders for the same end-user customer are excluded). A “new customer” is defined as an end-user customer (including its affiliates) that has never purchased Services from Net2Phone. This promotion may not be combined with any other offer or promotion.