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KEY FEATURES net2phone's Additional Business Offerings

net2phone has you covered on all fronts. Whether you are needing fax, virtual fax, intercom door phones or overhead paging systems net2phone has it all. Never has it been so easy to add and track new equipment and hardware. Simply add or remove items within the special extensions section of your net2phone portal.

fax illustration

Fax Options

encrypted efax

Physical Fax: net2phone will provide you with a device that will enable you to use your existing physical fax machine with our net2phone system.

Virtual Fax: net2phone also has the option of virtual fax where we can offer our customers fax functionality from their computer. A physical fax machine is not required with this option. For more information on virtual Fax please click to view our net2phone Fax user guide.

Encrypted Virtual Fax: Enables inbound/outbound faxes to be encrypted to/from our server. This net2phone encryption option provides an additional layer of security for fax communications by concealing personal and private information.

Intercom Door Phone


This door box intercom allows you to control door access directly from your phone. Visitors will be able to press the call button on the intercom which will ring directly to your phone, so you can speak with individual outside and provide or deny entrance.


Overhead Paging System

SIP Trunking

Paging Announcement: The overhead paging system allows you and your team to be able to make announcements through your phone over the paging system. Simply dial an extension or press a pre-programmed speed dial to place the announcement.


Loud Ringer: Use the loud ringer functionality on your overhead paging system to alert when incoming calls are coming in. This feature is great for warehouses as it alerts employees of incoming calls if they are not able to hear the phones ringing.

Switch and save with net2phone!

  • Easy to use, feature-filled, all-inclusive unified communications solution
  • FREE state of art desk phones - with no capex
  • Deep business insights with powerful call data analytics
  • FREE calling to over 40 countries