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Keep your company organized with the net2phone call queue option. Place your customers in a virtual line until the next available agent can assist.

call queues



Stay organized during times of high call volume, whether it be the time of day, the season, or an ongoing sales promotion. Keep callers in the line in which they called, so you are able to assist in the proper order.

Customer Care


Each call is important. Call Queues allow you to acknowledge each caller without having to answer the phone right away. Letting the customer know someone will be with them momentarily gives them a sense of ease and provides a higher chance of them holding on the line.

company success
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Promotional Opportunity


Upload custom music or audio recordings for customers to listen to while on hold in the queue. Use this time to promote sales, specials, or events happening for your company. Easily update these business announcements upon season or occasion.

Prevent Lost Sales


Don't lose a sale just because you missed a call. Have customers wait in the Call Queue so that you are able to speak with them while they are still interested. Being able to speak to customers while they are still a warm lead will increase the chance of the sale.


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